Our child sponsorship program is a simple and meaningful way for you to partner with us. Your sponsorship will help provide a child with a good education, nutritious food, and access to quality medical care.

We believe that Education is one of the best ways to help the people of Haiti rise above the oppression that has held them in poverty for many generations.

We believe in two kinds of education:

  • 1. The education of the soul through the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • 2. The education of the intellectual mind, of adults and children, at primary, secondary, and university levels.

What We Do

Our mission is “To come alongside the people of Haiti to help them help themselves attain a sustainable life in Christ, with a real hope for the future.”

So far, our work involves The Good Shepherd Children’s Village, Schools, The Life Giving Church, a medical clinic, and well-drilling. “We are not going to do it for them, we are going to help them do it. Our purpose is to lead, encourage, teach, and train individuals, families, and communities to come to their own understanding of the knowledge and love of God, and to begin their own lives in the reconciling process of God.”

About Haiti

11mm Haiti’s population is approximately 11 million, almost entirely of African origin. Haiti is the oldest black republic in the world.

80% Over 80% of its citizens are unemployed. Haiti is the poorest and most densely populated nation in the western hemisphere with a life expectancy of 52 years. Only one child in five will live past the age of five.