Who We Are

Mike and Chris Leland
Mike and Chris Leland, founders of New Generation Ministries have always had a heart for the poor and the orphans, and Haiti in particular. After having 5 biological children of their own, they adopted the 6th one from Haiti 23 years ago. They raised these first 6 children to be responsible young Christian adults, and then they, (in their 50’s), felt called again to adopt three more young Haitian siblings. They have recently begun the adoption process yet again and are now waiting for two more beautiful children to join their family. It was during this process, Mike had a dream to go to Haiti and start an orphanage.

What We Do

From the very beginning, Our Mission has been “To come alongside the people of Haiti to help them help themselves attain a sustainable life in Christ, with a real hope for the future.” So far, our work involves The Good Shepherd Children’s Village, SchoolsThe Life Giving Church, a medical clinic, and well-drilling. “We are not going to do it for them, we are going to help them do it. Our purpose is to lead, encourage, teach, and train individuals, families, and communities to come to their own understanding of the knowledge and love of God, and to begin their own lives in the reconciling process of God.”

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