It is our strong belief that education is a major piece of the puzzle to gain success in such a desperate situation that continues in Haiti from generation to generation.  A quality education will go a long way to providing the next generation of Haitian young people with the training and skills they will need to provide a better quality of life for their families.

New Generation Ministries, with your help, is providing an affordable Christian based education with school uniforms, books, teachers, and nutritious food to any children in our four communities that need it.

We currently operate schools in Marose, Marotte, Pass Rein, Poteau and Perou. We are serving over 1,000 students and employing 40 teachers with living wage jobs.

You can help a child receive a quality education in Haiti for $30 a month, or a teacher for just $100 per month. Please consider supporting these children and teachers to help them rise above their oppression (see sponsorship pages).

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