Medical Clinic

God has called us not just to the children, but to the whole community and surrounding areas of Marose, Haiti.

Without proper medical attention these people can never really rise above their desperate state of poverty. In rural villages of Haiti people are dying every day of common, curable, preventable injuries, sicknesses and diseases.

Before you helped us build this small but desperately needed Medical Care Clinic, there were no viable medical services for several miles either way. We now have a dedicated local Haitian doctor on duty every Monday and Tuesday each week, and two Haitian nurses keeping the clinic in full operation Monday through Friday. We currently are seeing about 100 patients per day.

With your help this clinic has also become the community site for medical mission teams to come and serve and care for the people of Haiti, as well as offer prevention training for the people of the area. This care clinic is also working hand in hand with the local health department and the Red Cross.

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