Well Drilling

As the ministry continues to grow, we are made painfully aware of the desperate need for clean water in communities throughout Haiti. The lack of accessible, safe, clean drinking water for the poor is a major problem for this country and the world. Water is indeed the most essential element for sustaining life. No water – no nourishment, no water – no crops, no water – no livestock, no water – no education, no water – no life!

“The main cause of malnutrition…is not the lack of food, but the lack of clean, safe drinking water….”

  • One child dies every 5 seconds from water-related illness
  • Contaminated drinking water is the #1 cause of death worldwide
  • Combine war, malaria, HIV/AIDS, and even traffic accidents…dirty water still kills more people
  • This is the biggest public health crisis of our time…and it is 100% preventable.

Together, we can all have a hand in breaking the cycle of poverty, malnutrition, illness, and death in Haiti. Together, we can end this problem. Will you help?

New Generation Ministries has considered raising enough money to drill one more well, but we believe God has given us a much bigger dream. The goal is to raise enough money to purchase a well-drilling machine so we can drill MANY wells.

As you can see, this is a HUGE project that will benefit many, and SAVE countless lives by providing safe, clean drinking water to the people who now have none. We cannot do this alone. We need your help! Would you partner with us in our effort to raise awareness and raise funds for this important project?

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