Dita’s Home

Aging Out – Transitional Ministry

What is aging out – transitional ministry anyway? These are the fancy words used by world wide orphan care organizations to describe “what to do with children that the Social Services say can no longer legally live in orphanages.” They have reached an age that calls them predators of children, instead of just children. It is a very huge problem, because it has been proven to be correct more times than anyone cares to admit. It is a serious problem because these children are not yet ready to be put out onto the streets. But that is the way rules are: needed for some, and not fair to the rest. Fair or not, The Good Shepherd Children’s Village must follow the rules dictated to us by the Haitian Government. So to help these young girls, we are building “Dita’s Home” for girls, with a Godly, role model family, that will care for these girls transitioning out of the Children’s Village.

When Dita’s Home is complete, they will shepherd these young girls, helping them to finish high school and obtain practical life skills including a higher level of maturity in Christian living, until they are ready for appropriate, productive community life in Haiti. Shining as bright testimonies of God’s great favor.

Social services says that they must go! If we just kick them out, where will they go? What will they do? How will they survive? What will happen to them? Well, they won’t keep going to school! They might be upset enough to quit following God! Statistics have proven that they will probably end up living on the streets, resorting to lying, stealing, cheating and even prostitution – just to stay alive! Many of these homeless girls in Haiti are rounded up and put into sexual slavery or shipped out of the country for sexual purposes. Nobody knows them, nobody reports them missing, nobody cares!!!

WRONG… GOD CARES, and WE CARE, and I know that YOU CARE TOO.

We don’t have to sit by and let these horrific events just continue along like we are blind in one eye, and can’t see out of the other. We can get together and do something with God’s help that will really “Make a Difference” for these girls. Dita’s Home will make that difference.

Dita’s Home for girls will keep them in school. Dita’s Home for girls will provide a safe and secure place for them to live in a loving family environment. Dita’s Home for girls will teach them “Godly life skills” that will transition them into capable young women, confident in their hearts, productive in their community, and powerful for the Kingdom of God.

We need your prayers and financial support to build Dita’s Home. It will not be possible to build and operate Dita’s Home without you.

Please visit our Donate page and select “Dita’s Home” to designate your gift to helping these young girls.

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