Wedding bells in Haiti

The wedding bells have rung !!!!!!! Steph and Kegan are married!!!!

Wedding bells in Haiti

Kegan and Steph with the flower girls

We were very blessed to have Steph and Kegan choose to come to Haiti to be married. Steph lived with us in Lynden for a year. And Steph has spent quite a bit of time in Haiti with us. She recieved the nursing hours she needed between LPN and RN school in our medical clinic here in Haiti, along with many short term mission trips. So we were pleased they chose to get married here.

Mike officiated the wedding, Nathan and Chael also spoke. It was mostly American in style, but had bits of a Haitian style wedding also. Two of our little girls were the flower girls. They blew petals all the way down the isle. Steph had brought some decorations, but Nathan surprised her and Kegan by getting more decorations for them and having them all set up when she came to look. Steph was so blessed she started crying. There was a mix of English and Creole worship songs. Also Nathan’s choir sang for them. They said vows they wrote and Haitian wedding vows.

All in all it was a pretty special day. They stayed the night at our house and flew back to the states the next morning. Jason also flew back with them. They arrived back home today. Thank you so much for your prayers for their day.

Mike will be flying to Tennessee on Tuesday. He will be attending an Orphan Summit for a few days, then flying on to Lynden. He will be there for our annual fundraiser dinner on Saturday, May 2, in the Jansen Art Center in Lynden. Please remember to pray for the evening. Mike will also be sharing at the Canadian appreciation evening Friday, May 8th. This will be held at Gary and Wendy Nyboer’s home. He is looking forward to seeing each of you.

A few of you have asked if you could help with our new play and pray room. Yes you can! I would love it if we could get some black (not white or hispanic) Barbie dolls and baby dolls. Doll clothes for both Barbie and baby dolls would also be appreciated. Another item that would be greatly appreciated is Duplos made by Lego. Also games like Candy land, that do not rely on understanding English would be great. If you think of other items, drop me a note and let me know.

On another note, we have 8 new children in the Children’s Village who need sponsors. Please let me know if you are interested and I will send you photos and information. We have both boys and girls and multiple ages. These children need someone who will stand in the gap for. Will you????

About Mike & Chris Leland

We are two humble lovers of Jesus, our Heavenly Father also having developed in us a LOVE for Haiti (He has also developed this love in our whole family of 9 children, with two more waiting for us in Haiti)!! Our hearts behind this blog are to bear evidence to what God IS doing through New Generation Ministries in Haiti! We stand in AWE of what God HAS done and IS doing ... it all starting with a dream (a literal dream) ... His MIRACLES with New Generation Ministries are endless and continuous ... this is His story through and in us!!

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