New Mattresses for the Children and other News

new mattresses for the children

24 mattresses so far!

Our new mattresses team here in Haiti has made about 1/3 of our new mattresses for the children and we are so excited! The men making them have been blessed and new mattresses will be a blessing to the children who receive them. Thank you so very much to each of you that contributed to the new mattresses.

We just finished up this week in our schools. Eleven of the children in our Children’s village have passed the 6th grade national examination. In total, almost 60 children have passed the national examination in all of our schools. We are so proud of them. Statistics say that 60% of Haitians do not get past the 6th grade. We believe education is very important for Haiti.

We have another boy who will be aging out of the Children’s Village and moving into our transitional home. This transitional home provides aging out young adults with the ability to continue their education and learn life skills, even though the government says they are too old to continue living in an orphanage after they turn 18.

making new mattresses for the children

Putting on the finishing touches

On Wednesday we have a team coming from Anacortes. The team will have an opportunity to participate in two different revivals while they are here.

We still have a few children that need to be sponsored. Sponsorship is $30 per month. Please contact us if you are able to help one of these precious children.

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We are two humble lovers of Jesus, our Heavenly Father also having developed in us a LOVE for Haiti (He has also developed this love in our whole family of 9 children, with two more waiting for us in Haiti)!! Our hearts behind this blog are to bear evidence to what God IS doing through New Generation Ministries in Haiti! We stand in AWE of what God HAS done and IS doing ... it all starting with a dream (a literal dream) ... His MIRACLES with New Generation Ministries are endless and continuous ... this is His story through and in us!!

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