June Highlights from the Haiti Team

baptism in Pass Rein

Baptism in Pass Rein

Here are some highlights from the Haiti team who arrived Wednesday the 24th.

Revival in Pass Rein Thursday night.

Sharing at the pastor’s conference, followed by play with some of the children from the Children’s Village in our play and prayer room.

Attended a baptism in Pass Rein.

“The baptism took place in front of a small waterfall. There were some interested observers from above the waterfall and when we were finished baptizing, one of the young adult men observing said “is there any reason why I should not be baptized today?” Pastor Nathan said no reason, but first you need to accept Jesus into your life. So Joel, one of our church leaders explained the gospel to him and then led him in a prayer to accept Jesus. Then he was baptized by Pastor Nathan, Pastor Rusty and Mike. God’s timing is just amazing. He was at church the following morning, along with the others who were baptized.”

Joanne and her sponsor child

Joanne and her sponsor child

One of the team members was able to meet the child they sponsor from the Poteau school. It was a pretty special meeting 🙂

Visited the medical clinic and spent time with the children in the Children’s Village.

They will be climbing Prayer Mountain and putting up one of our large white crosses that will be seen from the village in Poteau and from the main road to Cap Haitian.

You can read more team details here.

Thank you for your prayers!

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We are two humble lovers of Jesus, our Heavenly Father also having developed in us a LOVE for Haiti (He has also developed this love in our whole family of 9 children, with two more waiting for us in Haiti)!! Our hearts behind this blog are to bear evidence to what God IS doing through New Generation Ministries in Haiti! We stand in AWE of what God HAS done and IS doing ... it all starting with a dream (a literal dream) ... His MIRACLES with New Generation Ministries are endless and continuous ... this is His story through and in us!!

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