Distributing Food and Other News

DSC07544Thank you to everyone who responded to our note about rising costs in Haiti due to the rising value of the US dollar. Your gifts have helped us and we have been distributing food to those in need.

Recently we were able to pass out rice and cooking oil to some of the poorest families in the communities of Marose and Perou.

For details and an interesting story about the hurricane of 2008, read our full blog post. Nathan recently told this story reminding us not to delay coming to Jesus.

About Mike & Chris Leland

We are two humble lovers of Jesus, our Heavenly Father also having developed in us a LOVE for Haiti (He has also developed this love in our whole family of 9 children, with two more waiting for us in Haiti)!! Our hearts behind this blog are to bear evidence to what God IS doing through New Generation Ministries in Haiti! We stand in AWE of what God HAS done and IS doing ... it all starting with a dream (a literal dream) ... His MIRACLES with New Generation Ministries are endless and continuous ... this is His story through and in us!!

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