The Founders

Mike and Chris Leland

Mike and Chris Leland.

Mike and Chris Leland, founders of New Generation Ministries have always had a heart for the poor and the orphans, and Haiti in particular. After having 5 biological children of their own, they adopted the 6th one from Haiti 23 years ago. They raised these first 6 children to be responsible young Christian adults, and then they, (in their 50’s), felt called again to adopt three more young Haitian siblings. They have recently begun the adoption process yet again and are now waiting for two more beautiful children to join their family.

It was during this process, Mike had a dream to go to Haiti and start an orphanage. We wanted to create a safe place where some of these precious children who would never be adopted, could grow up healthy, nourished and educated. The Good Shepherd Children’s Village was started in a small house, about the size of your living room with 20 children off the streets, without parents or guardians. We then partnered with Nathan Chariot, a local Haitian Pastor.

Dustin and Melissa Leland

Dustin and Melissa Leland

The Children’s Village and the headquarters of our operation is located in Marose, Haiti. We have now grown to an orphanage of 68 children. We are now ministering in 6 villages with 6 churches, 5 schools, and a Medical Care Clinic. We employ all local Haitian helpers, care givers, teachers, and even contractors, and pay fair living wages to them.

It has been an amazing journey of trusting and following after God and His leading, knowing that at times we would have been way over our heads without Him, He has always proved faithful to us, and this ministry, and He continues to walk with us as we endeavor to reach out to the lost and the poor and the orphans in Haiti.

Mike and Chris Leland and their 5 youngest adopted children are living permanently in Haiti, working fulltime teaching and training pastors and leaders and working with the Haitian people and children that they have come to love and appreciate.
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Dustin and Melissa Leland have stepped up to oversee all of the financial and logistic aspects of the US based ministry in Lynden, WA. Please feel free to contact them for any reason.
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